Friday, June 24, 2011

Poem Juice

I’ve written poetry for some time now (all of about 1 year...). It’s less of an outlet that I care to share and more often a tool I use to get creative juices flowing. I’ve found poems to be an excellent parallel when writing lyrics; a much faster alternative to writing 2 songs at one time, only to keep the 2nd because the first was complete crap. It just puts you in the right state of mind. Here’s a few recent works:


my skin is sliding
my eyes drying
and home calling
next to darling
all the while
through a smile
tears run miles
life is wild
all the while...all the while

You rhyme like a broken wing
But I’m tired like a dried out dream
And we’ve been here too long
Grown to strong
Now our back side is weak
And one day we’ll pay for it...take account for it

We wonder why our minds our so feeble
It’s because that’s what we wonder
That’s our dream, our sick daydream
That’s not my dream and it shouldn’t be yours

There’s blood in there, I believe it
He just hasn’t hardly bled
Doesn’t know it’s bright red
Open him’s there all right
Poor and rotting
Slowly stopping
Open me up
Mines starting to flow
You can have it
Take till it’s slow

King of the peasants
He sits on a throne
From the throne of plastic
He throws us a bone

Clap your hands
Keep us in the dark
Hide your face
And leave your mark

Drag us about
Up and around
Fly up above
While we soil the ground

The weekly grind it calls and it hounds
But those bagged-eyes they grow at the sound
Of our slowed progress
Down and down

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