Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Lost matter to God and they are Lost

     A couple of weeks ago I was deeply convicted and moved by something in my life. I've lived for over 20 years with little to no thought about the vast amount of lost people in my life. You say, "Wes I know that's not true because I've heard you speak about lost people often". Speaking and doing are two different things, and if I sincerely cared then I wouldn't have to count on 1 hand the amount of people I've directly shared the gospel of Jesus with. I guess the ultimate issue here is taking action. I can think about lost people all day long and be moved to mild sadness. I can be moderately excited when people accept Christ at church and their lives are changed forever. But something is missing.
     I've been praying that God would wreck my heart for the people that are far from him and tonight he did. Here are 7 status updates from a single page in my Facebook news feed over the past hour:

"Homeless, alone, and single.... what a wonderful feeling!"

"i really just need someone to talk to right now"

"cheers. on my way to the bottom"

"I just need to save up and get away for awhile. Explore the "world" and see what else it has to offer."

"The only thing this town has to offer is fake ass "friends" and drug addict alcoholic sluts. I spend every night at home alone because I have no use for anyone here. I need to get away."

"wish i was dead."

"Am I as oblivious as I feel?"

     If that doesn't move you from your office chair, or your air conditioned SUV, then you need a reality check because following Jesus isn't comfortable and neither is dealing with people's pain and hardship. We encounter people that are broken everyday. They need Jesus, and they need someone to show them...his love, his mercy, his boldness, and his truth. I know my tendency is to say, "but...I have a lot going on too...God's walking me through enough personal hardship as is...". That's a lie of the enemy. Take your eyes off yourself for a moment and I promise your soul will be rejuvenated. I did tonight and God used it to remind of what this whole thing is about.

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