Wednesday, June 22, 2011


     What do your daily prayers look like? What do your plans for the next 2 weeks, months, years look like? Is there a disconnect? I believe logic and organization ruin walks with God every day. “God wouldn’t need me there...that’s completely out of routine for me” “he can’t be asking me to do heart isn’t called there”. Believe me when I say that this school of thought has ruled my life for some time. Not completely, but I often wonder what I’ve missed as a result of my quick rationalizations. Then I read the Word and my heart sinks because there is no routine. There are saints who served God on a daily basis with a heart of gratitude and service. Exclaiming, “Lord I have a plan of my own but I choose to elevate you above myself, and in an effort to bring you glory I choose your way”. And it never made any sense! They looked crazy! From Noah to Paul...Moses to John the Baptist, they were not considered to be “normal” men that had it all together. Yet I feel that their mission was simple. Their daily drive was singular. “Let me please God, and not myself”. What if our routine quiet times were replaced with a repeated question, “God what do you desire for me right now?” Simple in theory. Simple in logic. Easy to implement. Humble in heart. How would our long term goals change?
     My prayer for Christians across the earth is for God’s will to manifest itself in their lives, but I believe it starts with our approach. If we don’t ask, and aren’t willing to listen, then how will he ever use us? We know all too well that it is exhausting to live hypocritically. The exciting part is that it’s good to live in the will of the Father. According to his word our lives begin when our selfishness ends.

“Lord, your ways are good
Much better than mine
I ask that your will be fulfilled in my life today
I am available as your servant
Reveal your ways to me
And give me the strength, courage, and discernment to follow

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