Tuesday, March 22, 2011


  Let’s imagine a world where you are the only christian alive. Everyone else is considered “lost” so to speak. In this hypothetical situation God is with you, just as he is now, as well as the scripture. People are not morally worse nor are they better. In fact everything is just the same except there are no christians but yourself. Now, immediately you are focused on an immense burden and sense of isolation, but lets ignore that for a moment. I would like to shed light on something else. In fact to make things slightly easier let’s assume that there are no more lost people in this hypothetical world than actually exist in the real world today.
    Now, that being said, you are still a normal person. You have friends, a job, a family...all of the above. You have a life, and like any other human you share it with other human beings. You eat with them, speak with them, laugh with them, work side by side with them, cry with them, help them....exist with them. And as you live your life you can’t help but share some of the inherent truth God has breathed into your life. And people see it. They’re changed because of it. They meet with Jesus for the first time because of it.
    Far fetched as it seems, I sometimes wish this was a reality. It is a glimpse into the life that we as christians are called to. I think God is sickened by some of our shallow attempts to speak truth into unbelievers lives. Truth without love is a razor sharp blade and it cuts deep. And love is deeper than a “God Bless” as you hand the bum a couple dollars to eat, but don’t eat with him. It’s time for christians to be free from other christians to love the lost. We require the same grace that they do every second of every day. Any good in me is only through Him. The one who gives life to all living things. We alone aren’t different so stop acting like it.

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