Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Search

        Love is annoying. When it's right it feels amazing. When it's wrong it hurts like hell. But sometimes it feels right when it's wrong and it hurts when it's right. And what about the prostitute who's deluded love down to sex? Not sex with a lover, but sex with anyone? I love music more than life. However, I have to sadly admit, that while writing this entry, I'm listening to music with headphones on for the first time in months. And why do we hurt the people we love most more than anyone else? I realize these aren't easy questions, and that I'm also not the first person to ask. My goal is not to prove how confusing love can be.
        Maybe love would be easier if we took a step back and asked why we need it. We obviously do. People frequently bend over backwards just to scratch the surface. But why? Why do we want it? Why do we seek approval furiously, and at such a costly rate? There is an answer, but like most things in life you've got to find the truth. We're human, we learn from experience. We've got to get our hands dirty and loose something. Don't ask if you're unwilling to familiarize yourself with words like pain and sacrifice. They're part of the search.

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